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I’m described a lot of ways. In the courtroom, it’s either pitbull or Wonder Woman.


Either way, protecting and saving people’s lives is what I do through the Swain Law Office.

I get it. I’ve watched the system work against everyday people, such as my father, a war hero, who sustained injury while serving our country in the Vietnam War. My father ended up representing himself to try and secure his disability benefits in a system that performed opposite of the help it promised him.

He won.

His struggle against a seemingly unbeatable opponent taught me that it is possible to defy all odds to achieve the results you believe in.


We bring that same relentless energy to serving clients who turn to this firm when their odds seem impossible.

And we’re pretty darn good




Nick Hayes, an attorney at The Swain Law Office, grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and attended The University of Kansas School of Law. Mr. Hayes studied Biology as an undergraduate, but soon discovered a passion for the legal profession when he took an environmental justice course. In law school, he focused on criminal, environmental and federal Indian law. During law school, he competed on the Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) moot court team and worked on the KU Project for Innocence.


After law school, he went to work for The Swain Law Office and has been at the firm ever since. Mr. Hayes loves criminal defense and has a passion for defending his clients. He believes that the cornerstone of our Constitution rests squarely on a strong criminal defense; zealous defense attorneys are a necessity to balance the scales of justice. Whether it’s the State or the federal government as prosecution, the power and might is heavily weighted in their favor.


Mr. Hayes believes it's the job of a good defense attorney to balance that power dynamic with the intelligence and fortitude of a committed advocate. This is why he loves working at The Swain Law Office because this is exactly the way it defends every one of its clients. Mr. Hayes is proud to be a member of The Swain Law Office team and enjoys every step of the fight for criminal justice.

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