At the Swain Law Office we provide our clients with zealous, dedicated, caring and hardworking criminal defense representation. We handle all types of criminal defense cases including but not limited to; everything from minor traffic offenses to drug misdemeanors to high level felony charges including rape, murder, and sexual abuse cases. Our experience with representing the accused is extensive. 

Let us advocate for you

What we can do for you:


  • Modify bond requirements to better fit our clients

  • Write and Research appropriate motions

  • Provide early hands on defense

  • Handle pre-charging cases to eliminate any malicious investigation that could hurt your case

  • Negotiate alternatives for jail such as treatment plans or counseling or work release.

  • Help you obtain a private investigator to uncover facts that the police missed and to interview witnesses and collect testimonies to aid in your defense

  • Scrutinize all discovery such as photos, videos, and reports to help better your defense.

  • Provide a zealous and dedicated defense. Let us start advocating for you today!


                                      Open 24/7

Tel: 785-842-2787  | Fax: 785-842-2790

The Swain Law Office defends people accused of crimes throughout the state of Kansas.


Our office is located at:

2311 Wakarusa Dr.

Suite F

Lawrence, KS 66047

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