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"There’s no way of knowing when adversity will strike. It could be a mistake, a false accusation, or a momentary lapse of judgement. But it’s highly unfair that a person’s entire life should be affected by a single incident.

At the Swain Law Office, we take on every case with the same intensity, dedication, and focus as any other, regardless of the alleged crime. And we fight with the intention to win, not settle for something in the middle while our clients have to suffer the rest. The Swain Law Office specializes in criminal defense, especially sex crime cases, because we’re not afraid of challenges. In fact, we relish them. If you or a loved one has met an unfortunate incident where accusations have been hurled against you, do not hesitate to call us for a consultation. We’re here to help protect your rights and battle for your freedom."

-Sarah Swain

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